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We are proud to help families from the other side of earth by bringing those different hammocks made in the hills of the north of Thailand.

  • Hand made with acrylic yarn that will resist rain and sun without loosing its colors 
  • Woven with 3 thin yarns allowing beautiful patterns;
  • By far the softest hammocks for the skin ;
  • Never seen before designs ;
  • The tightest weave that won't leave marks ;
  • Fair trade certified for Thai Tribal Crafts.

  • Unique weaving technique - For 30 years, the weaving technique has been optimized and decorated with new color effects. The training of the weavers takes several years, but then the energy and love of craftsmanship flows into every hammock.
  • Comfort due to acrylic yarn - High-quality special yarn in acrylic in over 100 color variations. This very unique acrylic yarn is a great material choice for hammocks. Acrylic yarn combines the advantages of synthetic (durable and easy-care) and cotton (pleasant and comfortable).
  • Chiang Rai in the north of Thailand - a place where you can still feel the happy hippie feeling. Chiang Rai is also the home of the Hammock Art family, providing a steady income for many people in the poor mountainous areas of the country.
  • Cozy size - The hammock beds are 2.25 * 2m. Two people can cuddle in very comfortably, and when alone you will sink with pleasure into the depths of the soft waving fabric.
  • Unique Designs - HILL-TRIBE Hammock Art provides a steady stream of high-contrast, complementary, minimalist, asymmetrical designs, or simply put, damned beautiful hammocks that make every garden truly stylish and functional.


The HILL-TRIBE Art hammocks are made by hand in the north of Thailand. they offer people from remote villages the opportunity of a fair, steady income.

The continual deforestation of the forest, the lack of education, the remote location and discrimination by the rest of the population have made it almost impossible for many tribes in the region to find a way out of poverty. In 1996, Swiss textile engineer Peter Schmidt discovered the craftsmanship of the Hill Tribes and started weaving hammocks with them. Its textile experience and the traditional craftsmanship of the local people made the first net hammocks in Thailand.

Twenty-one years later, Hammock Art has created a hammock collection that is hard to beat in terms of design, comfort and quality. Originally intended as an alternative income, the project is now a steady employer for many men and women in the Lanna, Lahu, Karen, Khmu and Hmong tribes.
The production takes place in the home villages and is paid fairly. Each worker sets his own pace.