Hammock chairs

Hammock chair, chair hammock, swing chair, hanging chair, suspended chair or air chair...

Many names to describe the same pleasure of gently swaying under a tree, a porch or inside your home. If your chair is installed in a protected area, or if if you can store it after usage, cotton chairs are very comfortable to rest or even have a nap. Morelos big cordon chairs are exclusive to us.  


Contrary to the Mayan hammock the chair hammock is a pretty new design. Now the lack of space is not a reason anymore not to enjoy the benefits of relaxing in a hammock. These hammock chairs can be installed outside or inside. In fact, people who enjoyed their chair hammock during the summer days will look for a place inside to install it for the winter. Installed under the upstairs balcony it become an urban Mayan hammock.

XL cotton hammock chair

This chair is made with a thick cotton cord using the "4 string" techniques for a tighter more comfortable weave. This biggest hammock chair is heavier since the weaving needs more material. Stretch in it, you won't believe how big it is.

MORELOS, a JUMBO waterproof hammock chair

You want a chair hammock that you can leave under the rain ? Look no more, the MORELOS hammock chairs are made with thick polypropylene braided cords and are perfect for everyday use. 
But like for the hammocks made with the same material it is not a good choice if left under direct sunlight. Good for shady areas.


Apart of the type of material, here are the 2 major factors to consider to get a good hammock chair;

WOOD BAR LENGTH:  The longer is the bar the more shoulder space you get. Most chairs on the market have a bar that measure from 30" to 39". This is ok if you only have a narrow space to install it or for kids or smaller persons. Our own hammock chairs wood bars are 115cm (45") long. The most comfortable.


As for hammocks, some cotton string hammock chairs are made by crossing 2 threads only. We call them the single weave. It allows the chair to open more with less material (so cheaper) but the bigger holes make them way less comfortable with more skin marks

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On our Mayan hammock chairs they cross 4 yarns. This means a tighter weave. we use a lot of material so our chairs will be very comfortable for even a 6 foot person.

There are more than one way to hang a Mayan chair.

The standard way is to hang it by the central top loop to a ceiling, a balcony, a tree branch. etc. Most chairs will need at least 7' in height to be installed. Just make sure that you find a strong enough beam to hold the weight.

By removing the wood bar and the top triangular shaped ropes you can then hang it directly on the chair loops. All you need is at least 4 ft between 2 trees or post, places that are to narrow to install a hammock. This is my favourite method when I go camping or at the park. Without the spreader bar the chair is light and easy to carry.

The best installation is when the chair loops are 48" apart. The bigger the distance between the trees the higher you install your ropes or straps. You can also use this method to hang from the top, with or without the wood spreader bar. This way the chair will be more stable without always spinning around.